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Institute on Aging

San Francisco

A state-of-the-art facility designed for 150 independent living spaces for seniors of modest income and those of special needs. A variety of healing gardens and courtyards have been designed on different levels of the building for residential, visitor, and staff use. This project was co-developed by Bridge Housing and the Institute on Aging. Clinical, community services, an outreach program, transitional housing and administrative functions are on the 1st-3rd floors and assisted living on the 4th and 5th floors. The core design was inspired by the growth rings of a mature tree, reflecting the beauty and wisdom that comes with age. The courtyard paving reflected that concept as well as developing circular water features in several of the spaces. All the paving is wheelchair and walker friendly. Outdoor areas for this new project incorporating transitional housing for the elderly, daycare for adults, and community outreach functions. Features a glass-enclosed central courtyard, separate pedestrian entries for residents and drop-ins, and incorporation of feng shui design principles.

TWM Architects
Institute on Aging
Completion Date
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